AIS AIS Samyung SI-300
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AIS Samyung SI-300
Class-A Universal AIS Complying with IMO MSC. 74(69) Annex3, IEC 61993-2, ITU-R M.1371-1, ITU-R M.493-9, ITU-R M.825(DSC), IEC-60945, IEC-61162-1.
Displaying navigational data based on Dynamic / Static data.
Completely compatible with all system using NMEA standard.
Edition of user message on navigation & ship securities is available.
GLONASS/GPS function available receiving Signal from Russian Satellite.
Interfaces with RADAR, ECDIS, GYRO COMPASS, and external GPS, etc.
Easy identification on other ship’s status by providing electronic chart data.
System self-restoring function enhances stability.
Adopted user-friendly one touch keypad.

AIS Transponder Unit
Components : Transceiver,Two channel for Receiver, One channel for DSC Receiver
TDMA Transmitter
- TX Frequency - 156.025 MHz - 162.025 MHz, manual/automatic setting
- Transmitter Power - Min.2 W, Max.12.5 W manual/automatic selection
TDMA Receiver
- RX Frequency - 156.025 MHz - 162.025 MHz by 2 channels
- RX CH1 - Default CH87B (161.975 MHz), manual/automatic setting
- RX CH2 - Default CH88B (162.025 MHz), manual/automatic setting
- Channel Spacing - 12.5 kHz and 25 kHz
DSC Receiver - RX Frequency - CH70 (156.525 MHz)
Modulation Method : GMSK(Gaussian low-pass filted Minimum Shift Keying)
GFSK(Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying)
Bit rates : 9,600 bps(GMSK, GFSK) / 1,200 bps(DSC)
External Interfaces : NMEA-0183/RS-422
Power Supply : 18~32VDC, 2.5~4A, 115/230VAC (Rectifier)

MKD(Minimum Keyboard and Display)Unit
LCD Display : 5.6”TFT Color LCD with LED backlight
Display Capability : Own ship’s data and target ship’s data, Chart data
Electrical Interface to Transponder : RS-422
Key board interface
Buzzer on Keypad
MKD own Power : 12W
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