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The Icom AT-130 Automatic SSB Antenna Tuner allows you to transmit with strong RF output power, and is perfect for maritime mobile operations. Just push the (TUNE) switch on an Icom HF transceiver, and the AT-130 automatically adjusts the antenna and the transceiver to the minimum SWR in any frequency on a HF marine band. The versatile AT-130 can be used with a variety of vessels, even smaller boats that cannot use a long antenna element. It tunes automatically, so no manual tuning is needed.
The Icom AT-130 is recommended for use with the Icom 710 and Icom M802. The AT-130 is housed in a durable, completely weather-resistant acrylic case with rubber gaskets so it can be installed near the antenna element base. Installation is simple. No adjustments are necessary. Just connect the control cable and antenna wire and go!
* Dimensions: 9.1"W x 13.4"H x 3.1"D (230mmx340mmx80mm)
* Weight: 6.0lb (2.7kg)
* Usable Temperature Range: -30°C ~ 60°C
* Rated Voltage: 13.6V DC /-15% Frequency Coverage: 1.6~30MHz with antenna 23" (7m) or longer
* Input Impedance: 50 ohms (unbalanced)
* Max. Input Power: 150W (PEP)
* Input Power During Tuning: 10W
* Auto Tuning Time: 1.5sec.(returning for a memorized frequency; 2~3 sec. when operating band has been changed)
* Auto Tuning Accuracy: VSWR 2.0:1
* Insertion Loss: 0.5dB (with a 50-ohm load, after tuning)
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