Antenna Tunner ANTENNA TUNER Icom AT-140
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The ICOM AT-140 matches the transceiverto a long wire antenna with little insertion loss. When connected to the IC-M802, the AT-140 automatically bypasses e-mail and shortwave listening, the AT-140 allows use of the entire antenna for best reception on your boat. Get fast frequency access without missing communication opportunities! The AT-140 comes ready for simple antenna cable and power connections. Install the unit near the antenna element base on your sail or power vessel
Completely weather-resistant acrylic case with rubber gaskets. 45 memories for shorter tuning times. Quick Low power tune-up.
Dimensions: 230 (w) x 340 (H) x 80 (D) mm
Max. Input power: 150 W (PEP) 100 W (continuous)
Automatic tuning time: Approx. 2 - 3 sec.
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