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The GME MT400 406 MHz digital EPIRB is the culmination of years of extensive R & D by GME engineers. The end result is a radical new design concept that is not only a significant improvement on existing beacon performance, but dramatically slashes the cost of 406 MHz EPIRB ownership.

Advantages of a 406 MHZ EPIRB over the older analogue EPIRBs include, world wide coverage, position location accuracy to within 5 kms and a more stable transmitted signal resulting in faster response time. Most importantly, the addition of a unique digitally coded message provides Search and Rescue authorities with vital information including the country of beacon registration and identification of the vessel in distress, thus greatly reducing the incidence of false alerts and unneccesary deployment of valuable rescue resources.

An auxiliary homing transmitter is included in the MT400 to enable suitably equipped Search and Rescue vessels to home in on the distress beacon.

* Unrivaled in Technology, Performance and Price.
* COSPAS-SARSAT worldwide operation.
* Ground breaking microprocessor based design, delivers unparalleled performance and value.
* Meets AS/NZ 4280.1:2003 standards. C/S T.001/007.
* Zero warm-up Digital Technology.
* Antenna deploys automatically when the unit is removed from the quick-release mounting bracket

* High intensity solid state strobe.
* 6 Year battery life.
* Rugged, lightweight, easy-to-mount, compact design.
* 6 Year GME Warranty.
* Easy, in-built self-test with audio / visual alert.
* Class 2 international accredited specification.
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