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Designed and developed on the long tradition of SAILOR VHFs, Thrane & Thrane is proud to introduce the new SAILOR RT5022 VHF DSC. The new SAILOR RT5022 is a serious and reliable choice for the professional seaman, fulfilling and even exceeding GMDSS requirements.

The display and menus have been separated into two with the main VHF functions shown in a 7-segment display and the DSC functions and settings shown in a graphic LCD display. The graphic display can reset to sleep mode when not used. In this way the night vision is not disturbed. The 7-segment display is clearly readable at a distance and from even very wide angles. Both displays have text and indicators lit in red, which does not disturb the night vision.

* Replay function (last 90 seconds of receiving)
* 7-segment display for primary functions
* Graphical display with sleep mode for secondary functions
* All text and indicators in displays are red for improved night vision
* Display with Marine AR anti reflection filter
* Efficient dimming of displays
* Powerful built-in 5W loudspeaker
* Ergonomic handset
* Easy to use, intuitive menus
o Scroll function
o Quick selection function
* Alarm muting button
* Large tactile buttons
* Tactile knobs for volume and squelch
* Squelch settings for individual channels
* Built-in DSC Class A
* 25 to 1 watt switch button
* Dual watch
* Scanning
* Flexible installations with bracket and flush mount
* Address book: 200 addresses for vessels and coast stations
* Up to two Semi-intelligent Control Units can be connected

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