GMDSS Sailor System 5000 MF/HF
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Thrane & Thrane’s SAILOR® products have set new standards for size and performance in the GMDSS market with the compact SAILOR® GMDSS consoles. This unique combination of innovative and reliable products, and ease of operation, is a must for all seafaring vessels.
With the SAILOR® GMDSS products and consoles on board you not only fulfil all the relevant requirements, you have also made a sound investment in both safety and efficiency; in short, you have invested in the future.
Thrane & Thrane’s SAILOR® products have become almost synonymous with GMDSS. More than 1/3 of all commercial vessels covered by the international conventions have already chosen the high quality products and service. In addition, the SAILOR® GMDSS consoles provides a large number of attractive convenience and safety facilities – either as a complete solution or as a series of stand-alone products.
No two customers are exactly alike, and requirements vary from vessel to vessel. Therefore the SAILOR® GMDSS solutions are always available in a configuration to match the actual communication and safety needs exactly, regardless of whether you operate in sea ares A1, A2, A3 of A4.
As standard, the system console is delivered with emergency light, battery panel, loudspeaker and connection board. The console is fitted with removable front plates, which greatly facilitates service and maintenance procedures, and the modular structure of the whole system means that it can readily be extended and altered.
Furthermore, all the equipment in the Thrane & Thrane SAILOR® GMDSS range complies with standard dimensions, making rack mounting in existing bridge console a simple and straightforward procedure.
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