GPSMAP 76CSMerk: GarminKategori: GPS0,00
* Built-in quad-helix antenna with remote antenna capability
* Electronic compass displays accurate heading while standing still
* Barometric sensor with automatic pressure trend recording
* Elevation computer provides current elevation, ascent/descent rate, minimum/ maximum elevation, total ascent and descent, average and maximum ascent and descent rate
* 115-MB internal memory for loading MapSource detail, including marine cartography
* USB connectivity for quick chart and map downloads
* 6.2" H x 2.7" W x 1.4" D unit dimensions
* Sunlight-readable display with 256-color transreflective TFT display (1.5" W x 2.2" H
* 2.6" diagonally)
* color operating system with new look-and-feel
* Weighs 7.6 ounces (with batteries)
* LED-backlit display and keypad
* Up to 20 hours battery life (uses two AA alkaline batteries)

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