HT (Handy Talky) GME BX730
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The GME BX730 is the latest in GME"s line of compact UHF commercial handheld radios. Not only is the BX730 packed with features, its circuit design incorporates a super sensitive receiver with front end filtering and a powerful 4 Watt transmitter.

GME have spent a considerable amount of time engineering the BX730 to fulfil the needs of our users and meet the performance expectations that GME products are renown for.

What sets the BX730 apart from the rest of the pack is its superior performance. The BX730 has a full four Watt RF output. For close range communications the transmitter can be switched to one Watt to increase the available talk time. The receive sensitivity and front end filtering of the BX730 meets GME"s high standards and you will find the unit is unbeatable in all areas.

* 128 channel UHF radio
* Scanning
* 4 Watt RF output power
* Dual watch
* Frequency range 476.4-520 MHz
* Low battery warning
* 12-25 kHz channel spacing
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