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The TX6100 is one of the latest in GME"s line of compact UHF 40 channel handheld radios. Not only is the TX6100 packed with features, its circuit design incorporates a super sensitive receiver with front end filtering and a powerful 5 Watt transmitter.
The TX6100 is not just another one of the many compact units currently on the market today. GME have spent a considerable amount of time engineering the TX6100 to fulfil the needs of our users and meet the performance expectations that GME products are renown for.

What sets the TX6100 apart from the rest of the pack is its superior performance. The TX6100 has a full five Watt RF output which is ten times the power of many units on the market today. For close range communications the transmitter can be switched to one Watt to increase the available talk time. The receive sensitivity and front end filtering of the TX6100 meets GME"s high standards and you will find the unit is unbeatable in all areas.
The TX6100 comes complete with a flexible antenna, carry case, desktop fast charger, AC adaptor and a 1700 mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Pack with enough power for a full day’s work.

* 5/1 Watt RF power
* IP54 ingress protected against dust and water.
* Scan - The TX6100 will scan through all 40 channels, stopping on a channel that is busy. Once the channel is clear, scanning resumes.
* Duplex - Provides greatly increased range by allowing access to any of the hundreds of UHF CB repeaters installed around the country.
* Dual Watch - Allows the TX6100 to monitor any two selected channels.
* Auto Power Save - Switches to "power save" mode automatically after a period of inactivity to conserve power and extend battery life.
* CTCSS - Uses one of 38 selected tones to provide silent operation on any channel. Only stations transmitting the selected tone will be heard.

* Keypad Lock - When activated, disables the front panel buttons to prevent accidental presses from changing the radio"s settings.
* VOX - Allows the TX6100 to automatically transmit when you speak, without the need to press the PTT button.
* Monitor Switch - Opens the TX6100"s squelch so the channel can be monitored for activity.
* Roger Beep - Transmits a short beep when the PTT is released to let other users know you have finished transmitting.
* Accessory Connection - Allows connection of the bonus speaker microphone.
* High/Low Power - Reduces the transmitter power from 5 Watts to 1 Watt to greatly increase the talk time available.
* Rechargeable Battery Pack - Powered by a 1700 mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery pack. Charger included.

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