HT (Handy Talky) HT HYT TC 980
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Field Programming
Menu operation and full keypad allow you easy access to customize parameters and channel settings.
Auto Contact
The feature is especially helpful in high-demanding communication environments, such as climbing, exploration, and rescue work. The radio beeps when the user is moving out of communication range.
Wide-band Coverage
These radios provide wide band capability for users requiring a large range of frequencies.
Data Transmission
The wireless transfer of data from one radio to another, through personal computers connected to the source radio and the target radio.
A programming cable for USB 2.0 port is provided for radio programming.
Firmware Upgradeable
External Flash memory allows the radio firmware to be upgraded to include the latest features.
Large Dot Matrix LCD
The large dot matrix display allows immediate communication of vital information.
Power on Self-Test
The radio itself checks its status automatically when power is on, and emits a corresponding alert if an error occurs (e.g. CPU error or EEPROM error), allowing the user to early detect unit faults.
LCD Battery Gauge
Indicates battery strength levels for more effective power management.
High Transmit Power
5W transmit power for both UHF band and VHF band accommodates wide communication coverage.
Embedded Message & Serial Number
The radio’s memory can store messages including service and programming records, for remarkable ease of maintenance; the feature also makes a unit identifiable by Serial Number.
Selectable Volume Level
The volume level of output audio and alert tone is programmable per user needs.
Optional Remote Speaker Microphone
Optional accessories include a remote speaker microphone.
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