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The GME GX620 Handheld Marine VHF Radio offers boat owners and marine enthusiasts a substantially lower cost portable option without sacrificing features or compromising on quality.

With most of the features of the larger 25 Watt fixed-mount marine VHF radios, including channel scan, instant Channel 16 access, dual and triple watch the compact 3 Watt GX620 is ideal for dinghies or tenders that need to keep in touch with the "mother ship" or small boats that don’t have electrical systems or sufficient space for a fixed-mount radio.

Simple operation, 6 clearly labelled buttons on the front panel and the volume/power knob maximize simplicity of operation. Even when wearing gloves, the large buttons are easy to operate. A large, clear LCD with backlighting and backlit buttons makes night time operation equally simple. Ingress protection and solid die-cast construction ensure reliability in any marine environment.

The GX620 utilises a 1000mAh Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) battery pack with an automatic power saving mode, providing extended operating life without the worry of "memory effect" found with standard NiCad rechargeable batteries. A professional quality "drop in" quick charger and carry case are supplied as part of the standard package

* Complete International/USA and Canadian channel plans.
* Ingress protected to IP54.
* Large, easy to read backlit LCD.
* Drop in style semi-quick charger.

* 3/1 Watt switchable power.
* Flexible antenna and carry case.
* Priority Scan.
* Dual watch, triple watch function

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