Marine Transceiver GME RM600D
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The RM600D remote unit provides a remote head connection to allow operation of the GX600D from a second station on your vessel.
The RM600D conveniently plugs into the GX600D using an interconnecting cable and no additional interface wiring is required.
The RM600D is supplied with a DC lead for connection to a 12 Volt power source and 5 metres of terminated interconnecting cable. Additional terminated cables are available in 5 metre lengths.

When connected, the RM600D can duplicate all functions of the GX600D. In addition it includes an Intercom feature that allows internal communications between the GX600D and the RM600D.
The RM600D is supplied with a standard PTT microphone which is interchangeable with the alphanumeric microphone supplied with the GX600D.

* Compact design, overall depth only 60 mm, flush mount depth only 30 mm.
* Multiple mounting options.
* Ingress protected to IP67.

* Available in black and white.
* Repeats all features of the GX600D.

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