Marine Transceiver GME TX835
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The GME TX835 is a high quality transceiver with a comprehensive list of features not found on any other 27 MHz radio.

Unique to the GME TX835 is the instant channel 8 (Road Alert Channel) recall button conveniently located on the microphone. In addition, the TX835 features a display "Dim" function for night time use, a Local/Distance switch for use in strong signal conditions and a user selectable Interference Suppression Circuit (ISC) to attenuate electrical interference such as ignition noise.

The TX835 is designed in Australia for the Australian market.

* Interference Suppressor Circuit - For clean, clear reception, a selectable noise blanker coupled with an automatic noise limiter works to completely eliminate most electrical impulse type noise.
* Power/Modulation Indicator - The LED, which doubles as a signal level indicator, also shows relative power output and modulation when transmitting.
* Dimmer Function - Allows the LED display to be dimmed for night viewing to prevent distraction whilst driving.
* Receiver Performance - The TX835 features a sensitive and highly selective dual conversion superheterodyne receiver. A ceramic filter provides sharp selectivity and high adjacent channel rejection. As a result, transmissions on adjacent channels cause minimum interference. A very sensitive front end circuit fitted with a fully adjustable RF gain control, ensures reception of even the weakest signals.
* Signal Level Indicators - LED"s light in sequence according to the incoming signal level, to indicate relative signal strength.

* Rugged Front Speaker - Allows for universal mounting into consoles without the need for an external extension speaker. The front speaker delivers distortion free and unmuffled audio.
* PLL Frequency Synthesiser - Allows accurate selection of the full 40 channels of the Citizen band radio service.
* Built-in Speech Processor Circuitry - Automatically raises the average level of your transmitted voice for greater clarity and better penetration under poor signal conditions.

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