Marine Transceiver JOTRON TR 710 MD
JOTRON TR 710 MDMerk: JOTRONKategori: Marine Transceiver0,00

VHF AM Marine Desk Top Transceiver 10W
A compact all in one, high performance transceiver. Complies with the EN 300 676 standard. The ideal choice for ship bridges and other crowded locations where the operator will be in front of the radio.

Offering 760 channels with 25/8.33 kHz spacing in the frequency band of 117-137MHz, adjustable output (Tx) power up to 10W (40W PEP) and a built-in loudspeaker with >4W audio output.

Supplied with microphone, desk top bracket, battery cover, AC/DC converter, antenna adapter and user manual.
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