Power Supply POWER SUPPLY Diamond GSV4000
POWER SUPPLY Diamond GSV4000Merk: DiamondKategori: Power Supply0,00
power supply is in perfect working order and features all of the following: Size: 8.25" x 13" x 4.5", Weight: 9 lbs, 40 Amp Continuous Rating, 100% Duty Cycle, Variable Voltage Control 5-15 VDC, Voltage Control Knob has center detent at 13.5 VDC, Overload & short-circuit protection with Current Foldback at approximately 42 Amp, Over Temperature Protection; variable speed fan automatically, controlled for quiet operation, Meter Selector allows monitoring of voltage & current, Access to front panel DC terminals and cigarette lighter jack; standard 40A terminals on rear panel, Built-in 8W speaker.
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