Radar RADAR Furuno 1623
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Radar FURUNO 1623

Furuno 1623 LCD Radar

Small in size, the 1623 is big on power, clarity and advanced radar features. The waterproof slim-line monochrome LCD display and lightweight radome antenna make it ideal for power or sail boats as small as 17 feet.
This 2.2kW radar has a 16 nautical mile range, yet will zoom down to 1/8 nautical mile for tight navigation in harbors and inlets. The 1623 radar lets you readily identify objects, thanks to a high definition 6" Silver Bright monochrome LCD screen that clearly separates targets. Plus, the four-tone target display with 240 x 320 pixel resolution lets you easily differentiate between stronger and weaker echoes, helping to alert you of any danger. The watch mode utilizes guard zone technology letting you know if a target enters or leaves a specified area. With 2 NMEA data input ports the radar features a lightweight 9.9 lb. radome antenna, auto tune, gain and STC controls, echo plotting, 10 presettable ranges from .125 to 16 NM, EBL, VRM, guard zone, watch mode and zoom. Display measures 7.4" H x 7.2"W x 3.1" D. Compact antenna measures 15" diameter x 9.4" H. Package includes the display unit, radome antenna, 10" power cable, 15" antenna cable and installation materials/guide
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