Radar RADAR Furuno 1715
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Radar FURUNO 1715

High Contrast 7" Silver Bright LCD for excellent sunlight viewability
* 14 range scales from 0.125 to 24 nm
* Low power consumption in Watchman mode - only 8 W
* Dual bandwidth IF amplifier: broad band for high fidelity in short ranges, narrow band for enhanced detection in long ranges
* Variable antenna speeds with range scales for optimum performance on all ranges
* Cursor position can be read in L/L (GPS navigator is required)
* Programmable Navigation Data repeater feature
* Zoom in to a specific area
* Reverse video feature for effective use at night
* Guard Zone Alarm (US Patent No.5032842)

Power Requirements:

* 12 to 24 VDC, 38 W (max), 8 W (in Watchman mode)
* 115/230 VAC with optional rectifier PR-62

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