Radar JRC JMA 5300 Series
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State-of-the-art Radar technology "Real-Time Radar"Relax operation and quick indication.

a new Radar series from JRC incorporating the latest technology and user features.

JRC JMA-5300 series Marine Radar is developed to enhance the radar performance, user-friendly operation and visibility, which meet radar & ATA/ARPA performance standards specified in IMO.
The X and S-Band radar utilizing software-based digital signal processing with high performance computer-based technologies, offers the unique "Constaview™" feature, providing radar of images in Real-Time Head-Up mode that rotates a radar echo image simultaneous to ship turning, "Target Enhancement Function (TEF)™", and target acquisition and tracking up to 100 using ATA/ARPA function.

Unique features

The JMA-5300 series represents a major advance in Radar technology. The newly developed processing system gives users a range of new features not previously found on this class of radar.

Chart Overlay

Chart information can be combined with the radar image to present a complete overview of activity around the vessel.
The radar image is combined with information from electronic charts. Own and other ship"s tracks and AIS targets can be plotted and waypoints entered.
This is a significant contribution to safe navigation.

Target enhancement function(TEF)™

Developed exclusively by JRC, TEF™ allows better indentification of small / or weak echoes. Equally, coastlines appear with improved definition.
TEF™ works by adding pixels to targets displayed on the radar image and allows a vastly improved degree of distinguishing between targets.
Sophisticated processing results in a proportional enhancement where the relative enhancement of smaller targets is greater than that applied to larger targets.
The TEF™ is available in three levels-5x, 9x and 17x.


All the information gathered by the radar is stored in the system, therefore switching from one view, i.e North-up to Head-up or Range changes, instantly produces a new, complete radar image, reflecting the new selection.
Targets that need to be closely followed can easily be re-identified on the new image. The Constaview™ represents a major contribution to safety and operational
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