Receivers AOR 5000
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Coverage: 10 kHz - 2600 MHz
This review was compiled independently. The Medium Wave Circle and Radio Netherlands has no financial connection with AOR, the manufacturer of this receiver.
Is this a scanner or a shortwave receiver?
A new wide-band receiver from AOR was released in late 1996. Promotional literature lists features of all modes (AM, FM, USB, LSB, and CW), five VFOs, and 1000 memory channels within 10 banks of 100 channels. Six bandwidths from 3 to 220 kHz are included; a 500 Hz CW bandwidth is optional. Frequency readout extends to 1 Hz; we would expect discrepancies from unit to unit depending upon manufacturer quality control. There is a multitude of scanning and searching functions. There is a 10.7 MHz IF output suitable for feeding a 10 MHz chunk of spectrum to a spectrum analyser. Computer control extends to typically analogue functions such as the volume and squelch modes.
Clearly the new ICOM IC-R8500 and this receiver are direct competitors.
The USA magazine "Monitoring Times" reviewed this receiver in December 1996, but the review focused on the VHF and UHF aspects of the unit. When we can acquire a receiver and put it through our laboratory tests, we"ll have more to say about this receiver and its shortwave performance below 30 MHz.
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