Receivers DJ-X10
DJ-X10Merk: AlincoKategori: Receivers0,00
Frequency range: 100kHz - 2000MHz
- Modes: AM WFM NFM SSB CW- Memories: 1200
- Squelch control
- Channel Scope peak search - during searches, tune in the strongest signal displayed on the channel scope
- Stylish cabinet with large speaker for clear sound quality
- Battery save facility - for extended use
- Channel scope spectrum analyser that allows monitoring of 40 channels at a glance
- Advance scanning features that allow selection of these types of scanning
- Programmed Scan (up to 10 groups)
- Dual VFO search
- Programmed Memory
- Band encursion scan
- Scan Any Memory
Priority scan- Scan Mode Scan (not found on many scanners)
- Any channel skip scan
- Antenna Connector: BNC
- Power supply: 13.8VDC- Supplied c/w Mains drop in charger, ni-cad battery pack, belt clip, carry strap, flexible antenna
- Weight: 320g- Size: 57W x 150H x 27.5Dm
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