40 dB below fundamentalOutput power:>+5 dBm@ 50 ohmsSerial interface speeds:9600, 19200 & 38400 BPSPower requirements:12-16 VDC @ 300 ma minimum or 8 AA's (Alkaline or NiMH)Antenna connector:Industry standard `N` connectorSize:8.5 inch x 4.3 inch x 2.25 inchWeight:20 oz.Memory:Store 15 plotsDisplay:SuperTwist LCD with backlightCommunications:Serial PortInternal Power:8 AA Alkaline, NiMH or NiCd batteries (optional)External Power:90-240 VAC, 50-60Hz wall adapter (optional) ' />
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The CellMate EX is an antenna analyzer that operates in the cellular frequency range of 600 – 999 MHz. This low cost analyzer provides graphical plots of SWR and Return Loss, numerical results, and plot storage.

AEA"s CellMate EX Analyzer is a graphical 600 - 999 MHz antenna analyzer that is primarily used to graph and examine antenna VSWR and Return Loss plots. The CellMate EX includes Signal Generator and Relative Field Strength modes, multi-layer menus, auto scaling and auditory cues for extremely flexible operability.
As a low priced, accurate, and graphical analyzer, The CellMate EX provides data plots in a fraction of the time and cost it takes to do it manually. At twenty ounces, the CellMate EX Analyzer is light weight and easily hand held. With the Analyst Director Software to interface with your PC, you have endless curve storage and printout capability.


Storage for 15 plots.

Simultanious multiple plot viewing in memory mode.

Signal generator mode.

Remote control capability.

Self Test and calbration functions

Return Loss and VSWR modes.

Relative Field strength mode

Optional Windows™ Analyst Director Software

Non-volatile memory

High resolution plot display on PC.

EL Backlit SuperTwist display for better contrast and viewing angles.

Compatible with NiMH and NiCd batteries.

Battery Saver auto-off and auto-hold functions

Auto Scaling.

Auditory cues.


600 - 999 MHz

Display Resolutions:
Increments of 10 KHz

Measurement speed:
Single frequency: Several sweeps per second / Normal sweep: < 2 seconds

Frequency display width:
0 to 200 Mhz

Impedance Range:
50 Ohms

Harmonic and spurious:
>40 dB below fundamental

Output power:
> 5 dBm@ 50 ohms

Serial interface speeds:
9600, 19200 & 38400 BPS

Power requirements:
12-16 VDC @ 300 ma minimum or 8 AA"s (Alkaline or NiMH)

Antenna connector:
Industry standard `N` connector

8.5 inch x 4.3 inch x 2.25 inch

20 oz.

Store 15 plots

SuperTwist LCD with backlight

Serial Port

Internal Power:
8 AA Alkaline, NiMH or NiCd batteries (optional)

External Power:
90-240 VAC, 50-60Hz wall adapter (optional)
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