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The 20/20 TDR is “Step” Time domain Reflectometer designed specifically for measuring High Bandwidth Copper Media. 21st Century RF, broadband, telecommunications and network cabling systems demand a higher quality installation practice and fault-free transmission media.
AEA Technology designed the 20/20 TDR to meet today’s needs for coaxial and twisted pair cable installation verification and for fast, efficient troubleshooting. Combined with AEA’s TDR PC Vision TM software, included with every TDR, any technician can now save plots, upload to a PC and document network or system installations.
The 20/20 TDR is compact, rugged and light-weight to meet mobile technicians’ demand for high-quality, accurate instrumentation that fits on their belt. Additionally, AEA Technology makes multiple models to meet the needs for connecting to coax with BNC, N or F connectors, or the twisted pair cables with RJ45 or Telco clips. The “Network” models combine both RJ45 style Network and Coax connectors to service Voice, Data and Video media in one instrument.

* “Belt Friendly” at 2.1 lbs (923 grams) including softcase, batteries and test leads
* No dead zone on any range setting
* No pulse width or gain control to learn
* Clearer fault indications than pulse TDRs
* Graphical plots – Impedance (Z), SWR and Return Amplitude
* Dual cursors with differential range and impedance
* Single and Differential pair testing
* Auto Fault Finder & Intermittent Grabber
* Self Calibrating
* Stores up to 99 screen plots
* Backlit Qtr-VGA LCD
* Operates on AC or AA Alkaline or NiMH batteries
* Drop tested to Milspec 810F 48 inches


* See faults other TDR miss completely
* Fast installation testing, verification and documentation
* Measure cables to meet a higher communications standard
* Faster test initiation times by recalling stored system setups
* Improved fault locating time to minimize expenses
* Establish a cable records data base with TDR PC
* Vision software
* Supply customers with cable network documentation
* Software makes PC uploads and archiving traces easy

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