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Dual Port (S11 & S21) 500 kHz to 2.5 GHz Vector Impedance Analyzer with Spectrum Analyzer and Frequency Domain Reflectometer.

The Echo is a handheld vector impedance and spectrum analyzer with FDR for measuring antennas, networks and cables.
The Echo has the capability of providing digital measurements and graphical sweep displays of impedance, RF power gain, or cable quality. The Echo"s testing funcionality combined with its 500 kHz to 1.0 GHz or 500 KHz to 2.5 GHz frequency ranges makes it a versatile tool for numerous service applications.

The Echo PC VisionTM software application, included with the VIA Echo, provides the user with the capability of remotely operating the VIA Echo through a USB port while viewing real time results or stored data on a PC. PC Vision provides color Cartesian and Smith Charts of vector plot data. The PC Vision software makes the capture, storage and printing of documentation and reports easy.

Includes: Belt Case with chrome hook, Operation Manual, Quick Start guide, 8 NiMH AA batteries, 100-240VAC recharger, USB Cord, PC Vision Software, Calibration Load Set all contained in a Soft Equipment Case.

The VIA Echo is the most complete Network Analyzer ever designed into a rugged hand-held, battery operated, two-pound package.

Whether purchasing the

1. VIA Echo 1000 (4MHz to 1.0GHz)
2. VIA Echo 1000SF (4MHz to 1.0GHz) with Spectrum Analyzer and FDR
3. VIA Echo 2500 (4MHz to 2.5GHz) with Spectrum Analyzer and FDR
4. VIA Echo MRI (4MHz to 1.0GHz) for Magnetic Resonance Imaging coils

you now own the most powerful and economical Vector Impedance Analyzer for its size on the world market today. In addition to being a full Vector Impedance Analyzer, the VIA Echo is also a Spectrum Analyzer and Frequency Domain Reflectometer (FDR) on selected models.
The Echo PC Vision™ software will provide amazingly detailed plots and Smith Charts in full color on the PC screen. Uploading plots, storing plots and creating certification databases was never made easier. The software is MS Windows® based and permits easy archiving, printing or exporting in BMP, JPG, TIFF or GIF format so any PC or MAC® user can read your files.
Vector Impedance Analyzer vs Scalar
This brief note explains the advantage of measuring vector impedance vs. measuring SWR (network analyzer vs. SWR meter). Return loss and SWR express the same property (mismatch) using two different scales. All advantages and disadvantages of an SWR reading also apply to return loss readings.
The Standing Wave Ratio (SWR) of an antenna and its feedline has long been used to measure an antenna’s transmit efficiency. SWR is a simple concept, you send a unit of RF energy into the feedline, and measure the amount of energy that reflects back. We assume the portion of energy not reflected back transmits out the antenna. The limitations of this measurement usually cause the transmit efficiency to be lower than what SWR predicts.
Using a network analyzer to measure vector impedance during antenna alignment improves transmitted efficiency compared to a simple SWR alignment.
SWR meters have been around a long time, and many people are reluctant to change because SWR is an easy concept to understand. In the past, SWR meters were less expensive than vector impedance analyzers (aka network analyzers) which has been a determining factor in the SWR popularity. However, as costs in components continue to drop, the vector analyzers have become less expensive than they used to be. This makes it possible for more people to properly tune their antenna systems without renting complex $30K Network Analyzers that weighs 50 pounds.
The list below shows the advantage of using a Vector Impedance Analyzer over just a Scalar

VIA Echo’s Measurements
SWR Meter’s Measurements


Return Loss (dB)
Return Loss (dB)

Impedance (Zo)

Phase Angle



Gamma Magnitude

Gamma Angle

Linear Gain

Log Gain

Phase Gain

Spectrum Analysis

Frequency Domain Reflectometer

VIA Echo 1000 6025-5100 (4MHz to 1.0GHz)
VIA Echo 1000SF 6025-5150 (4MHz to 1.0GHz) Spectrum Analyzer and FDR
VIA Echo 2500 6025-5250 (4MHz to 2.5GHz) Spectrum Analyzer and FDR
VIA Echo MRI 6025-5350 (4MHz to 1.0GHz)

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