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Measures both forward and reflected CW power in 50W coaxial transmission lines. Low VSWR and insertion loss, ± 5% of full scale accuracy. Plug-in elements provide a wide choice of frequency ranges from 2 to 1000 MHz and power levels from 1W to 10KW. Select one or more elements to suit your requirements. Comes with your choice of SO-239 or Type-N connectors. Other Quick Change connectors available. Size: 6 7/8”h x 5 1/2”w x 3 5/8”d; Weight: 4.5 lbs. (CC-3 case shown.)
I received my (nearly new) Model 44A in a swap about fifteen years ago, and have used it for power/SWR measurements ranging from ten meter Amateur antennas to commercial 900 MHz mobile radio base stations. It has never failed to perform perfectly for me.

Certainly it is a commercial-grade instrument, built to commercial standards. A twenty page manual supplied with the meter documents it fully, including internal parts identification/values. Unlike the Bird Model 43, the 44A does have the VSWR chart and calibration factors silk screened on the external back side of the case.

For clarification, the manufacturer"s specifications indicate an operating range from 20 to 1000 MHz, 6% accuracy from 20 to 100 MHz (after application of calibration factors), 5% accuracy from 100 to 500 MHz, and 6% accuracy from 500 to 1000 MHz. Maximum indicated forward power is 500 watts. The weight is 3 pounds; this device is not a light weight!

There are three advantages to this product compared to its competition: First, there are no external plug-in slugs to be obtained; the wide-range instrument is complete and ready for use solely by itself. Second, a front panel switch has an off position for the meter movement, thus protecting the instrument during transit. Third, front panel power range switching makes possible very accurate reads of low levels of reflected power in a 50 ohm transmission line attached to a well-matched antenna. Thus it is possible to read 250 watts of forward power and 3 watts of reflected power accurately, by switching to a five watt (full scale) power range for the reflected reading.

With a Palstar WM-150 to handle MF/HF measurements and the Model 44A for VHF/UHF, I"ll never need to upgrade power measurement instrumentation within this wide frequency range. And of course I"ve "given the bird" to the eternal chase for finding ever more
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